In today's environment we need to be especially flexible when dealing with the new COVID-19 working environment. At SOS Safety on Sets, we can provide Humane Animal Treatment Documentation services and Animal Talent & Handler Safety Guidelines any way you need them - Onsite, Offsite, Remote & Zoom.

As professionals providing and handling animals on sets for over 65 years, we have seen & experienced a lot. We have often heard that clients do want a humane rep that is experienced & effective and not one that creates roadblocks in the flow of production. Time is money on set and the goal is to move things along, safely & humanely.

Clients want to know that they are a priority for that day and that job. They do not want to deal with a last minute “no show” because their humane rep was pulled off on a higher priority job. We believe that Humane reps need to be more than an observer. They need to be an active consultant & a helpful facilitator as needed--not the source of problems or delays. Time is money on set and we at SOS understand that more than anyone else.

We have had numerous clients ask us to help them. Help them by providing Professional & knowledgeable humane animal treatment services on non-union jobs, print jobs, web videos, reality shows, live events, documentaries and so on. From this need to provide a better level of professional service, came SOS SAFETY ON SETS © Animal Services.

Safety on sets has two primary functions:

Our first role is Humane Animal Treatment Documentation Services, or HAT-d.

The second purpose is SOS Animal Talent & Handler COVID Safety Guidelines. Read more about SOS.


hat-d certified stamp

We provide an official letter that certifies HAT-d Humane Animal Treatment Documentation for your job. It is signed off by a zoologist and has a job specific certification number. This can be used for TV broadcast, feature films requirements or for any other form of media.


Along with our certified letter we provide a SOS HAT-d Seal Of Approval emblem that clients can proudly use in their credits, or simply have on file. It shows that the animal work was properly managed & documented by an SOS HAT-d rep. This will be your recognized & respected SOS Seal Of Approval:


We know and understand that Production, Advertisers, Media, Consumers & Viewers all care about how animals are treated. Proper oversight & documentation of working animals should not be limited to solely TV broadcast or feature films. It is important and essential for all jobs and people expect it.

At SOS our HAT-d reps document everything from the animal’s health records, vaccination history, transportation safety, onsite holding area , indoor & outdoors temperatures, acclimation to set/talent, use of props, # of takes, working time, working conditions, set conditions, & many other job elements.

HAT-d or Humane Animal Treatment Documentation should apply to any event, production, activity, shoot or job that uses any animal.


We support all clients in all forms of media including (but not limited to):

  • + Union or Non-union
  • + TV or Film
  • + Print or Digital
  • + Web Video or Streaming Content
  • + Social Media
  • + Theater
  • + Internet Pet Influencers
  • + Live Private or Public Events

We've provided HAT-d services on more than 100 jobs & productions. See some of our clients here...


SOS provides a full range of HAT-d services equally for all. We do not upcharge for non-union jobs. Therefore there is no unfair or unequal prioritizing of one type of job over another.


SOS offers the same high quality services from our experienced & professionals on all jobs.


Different from the pack: One of many ways that we are different from other human treatment services is that WE DON’T JUST MONITOR. We feel that the best approach is to benefit the production, shoot crew & client and the animals. We do not create roadblocks or delays with “issues” but better yet offer helpful suggestions and safer alternative animal solutions. We can make on site recommendations to the handler and shoot crew in order to get the desired shot—safer, faster and more efficiently for all.


Our expertise is grounded in our animal background. We have animal specialists that have been trainers, handlers, and experts for decades. Most important is that they are all set experienced & trained to do this work. We are proactive and not just reactive. We feel by knowing more advance we can avoid animal issues on set.


All of our SOS HAT-d reps are professional trainers, handlers or wranglers with set experience. We know exactly what to look for and how to offer helpful recommendations. We have seen that some humane reps only target the problems and do not offer solutions. On the contrary, we work to resolve problematic situations into a good working animal solution.


Since our SOS HAT-d reps are set-experienced animal experts we are proactive in making helpful suggestions when necessary and appropriate. Our goal is to work with you and not against you. We do not get in the way but help reach your animal talent goals. The proof is in our client feedback.

We respect the creative process and are open to collaborating with directors, photographers, producers, stylists, and any other member of the client team.


We have three goals:

1) To document humane animal treatment
2) To offer effective recommendations to achieve your animal shoot goals
3) To improve conditions for working animals on set

This ends up being a win-win-win for all


We have animal experts & professionals in all areas including:

  • + DOGS
  • + CATS
  • + BIRDS
  • + HORSES

Many of our team members have production & advertising experience. This is useful as it helps us understand our clients & their process. This knowledge along with our animal expertise & set experience is what makes SOS the best team for any project.


We would not have this unsurpassed level of expertise if it were not for our partnership with All Creatures Great & Small. At over 65 consecutive years, All Creatures has the longest working animal professionals on the East Coast. It is the ONLY agency founded and run by a zoologist and an unequalled team of expert animal handlers.

Although completely separate and independent, SOS and HAT-d can partner with All Creatures to provide all three services - seamlessly:


Good partnerships are made up of different parts each bringing their own set of skills to the table. We share many of the same high standards, ethics and values that enable us to work together as a seamless team.


We have dedicated team members that can address any questions you may have, like “what is proper water temperature, oxygenation, circulation, & salinity for a Jellyfish tank?” or “what are current COVID Safety protocols for Handlers & Animal Talent?”.

We know that each production, each shoot & each event working with animals has its own specific needs. We do not provide a one-size-fits-all approach. No two jobs are the same, so we will respond to each request individually.

Our email is: info@SafetyOnSets.com


Carli Davidson

Photographer / Director / 2X NYT bestseller


"Their Humane reps keep my producers happy."

Cat has set a new standard for what I expect in my animal agencies.

Working with Cat and her team I know that I will have the absolute best experience from casting and training to the day of shoot. Talent is always 100% set ready, and comfortable in front of a camera. Her trainers understand what is needed to get the shot, keeping shot lists on time and delivery to my clients above and beyond what they expect.

Always over-prepared and on budget, I never have to worry about having healthy, smart, and friendly animals who are ready to work it. Also having a simple pricing structure and relationships with their Humane reps keep my producers happy!

Hillary Weintraub

Freelance Production Supervisor


"Their HAT-d services take an additional step out for me."

I have had the pleasure of working with Cat Long and the rest of her team for the past 7 years. I see 1st hand how well cared for these animals are, not only by Cat, but all the handlers that come to set.

Cat is always extremely professional and flexible to work with too --- which is an extremely important factor when choosing a company to work with.

An added bonus is that Cat and her team or reps can also provide a dedicated rep to cover the necessary HAT-d (Humane Animal Treatment Documentation) services and certificate-needs --- which takes one additional step out for me!

Additionally, her animals & handlers are always well prepared, which is a big concern when using animals in commercials. Basically, I know I’m in good hands when I call Cat for any animal needs which I have on set.

Diana Deldeo

Commercial Line Producer


"Collaborative, reliable, & realistic. Their services are flawless."

I have been working with Cat and All Creatures Great & Small for over 10 years, not only with standard animals but also exotics. They have provided me all sizes and breeds of dogs as well as bees, honey combs, butterflies and ladybugs.

They are ALWAYS my first call when bidding a project. We collaborate on all aspects of the job including animals actions, stunts and training needs. They give me accurate lead times, reliable rates and realistic expectations. On smaller jobs with challenging budgets, All Creatures works with me to make the numbers work --- without ever shortchanging the job.

I have only worked with superior trainers and animals when working with All Creatures. They come to set prepared and always have all necessary supplies. The trainers are amenable off camera and extremely helpful when the animals are on camera. Their Humane Animal Treatment Documentation services are flawless.

I strongly recommend ACG&S for all living creatures; the experience from start to finish is always pleasant, professional, and client and agency friendly.


One of the frustrations that clients often expressed in the past is not being able to get feedback on humane animal treatment for specific animal agencies so they can make an informed decision as to whom they want to work with. What is the point of doing these evaluations if the HAT-d information cannot be useful going forward? Since the goal is to work with an agency that has a clean track record of safe & humane animal treatment, we can provide (on request) confidential feedback on specific agencies based on set experience.


We offer both half & full day rates. We do not prioritize one client over the other. Every job receives the same high-level of service, professional attention and quality SOS reps.

We do not upcharge non-union jobs.


Whether you hire one, two or all three services, our goal is to make this as easy as possible. If All Creatures Great & Small is hired for the animal talent, they will provide SOS with all the shoot specs. Therefore, you won't need to fill out more forms or online applications saving time & money.


We do not charge for travel, gas, miles or tolls if the job is in the local shoot/work zone. If it's a non-local job, we charge the basic standard mileage rate and do not surcharge our clients.


Be assured that you are working with the best, most professional and most reliable HAT-d team when choosing SOS. Know that you are our priority and we will never bail on you for a bigger or higher priority job.

At SOS Animal Services, we are the best team for the job for 6 reasons:

  • + Our dedication to humane animal treatment
  • + Our extensive set experience
  • + Our unparalleled hands-on animal background
  • + Our partnership with All Creatures Great & Small
  • + Our understanding of the production process
  • + Our ability to collaborate & communicate effectively with our clients

When you hire us for any service (HAT-d or SOS COVID) you can rest assured that it will be done right, on time and on budget.


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